"Je krev červená kvůli kyslíku?"

Translation:Is blood red because of oxygen?

December 30, 2017

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To je částečně pravda. Červená barva pochází ze skupiny hemoglobinu známého jako "heme", který se váže na atom železa. Kyslík se pak spojuje se železem, a to je interakci mezi heme jednotkami a kyslíkem, které způsobují červenou krev.

(This is partially true. The red color comes from a group of hemoglobin known as ‘heme’, which binds to an iron atom. Oxygen then bonds to the iron, and it is the interaction between the heme units and the oxygen that makes blood red.)


How would you translate into Czech, "Is blood red because of the oxygen?"


Do you imply some concrete oxygen, perhaps which we just pumped there? Shouln't be it "the blood" then? What is the meaning of your sentence?


Perhaps the point being made is that blood in general is red because of the oxygen (it contains). Because of the oxygen in contrast to the other stuff within it. When one translates a single sentence isolated from any further context it is often difficult to determine where the emphasis belongs. Including emphasis added by grammatical elements.


That makes sense.


In my opinion, "Je krev červená kvůli kyslíku?" would still be a valid translation.

If you really really want to push it you could say "Je krev červená kvůli tomu kyslíku?", but that sounds rather unnatural. If you wish to point out the suprising fact of blood being red precisely because of oxygen and not something else, you could say "Je krev červená právě kvůli kyslíku?".


Or: "Kvůli kyslíku je krev červená?" It Czechs can! :-)

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