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  5. "Why do you need to know it?"

"Why do you need to know it?"

Translation:Proč to potřebuješ vědět?

December 30, 2017



This was a Write This in Czech exercise. My answer = Proč potřebuješ to vědět = was wrong. The explanation was "You used the wrong word," and "to" was underlined. So I'm thinking this is a word-order issue. If it is, could someone please tell me what the rule is?


To should be the second word. In this case, it behaves similarily to se etc.


Oh, man, it would be SOOOO good to know (and remember) these word order rules... Thanks for your help!


I was so happy with BoneheadBass' nice and simple rule for using znát vs vědět (know+Direct Object=znát; know+clause= vědět), until until this problem. I assumed that “to” was the DO of znát and I wrote “Proč potřebuješ to znát?” It was wrong, but the “correct” answer on the problem page was “Proč to potřebujete znát?” Of course, the "real" right answer on this discussion page is. “Proč to potřebuješ vědět?” Is this an exception to the above rule, or is my logic faulty?


Yes, it is an exception. There are more discussions about these two verbs around, I recommend to look for them in the sentences.


Thank you for all your help. You make learning Czech enjoyable!


Like others, I find the word order here incomprehensible. Logically, Proč potřebuješ to vědět makes sense to me, and the correct/accepted word order does not.


Unfortunately, it's irrelevant, for learning purposes, that we think the word order doesn't make sense. The infamous Second Position Rule beats our logic every time! :-) See the comment from endless_sleeper, toward the top of the page. Also, while it doesn't provide an in-depth explanation, you might find this link useful: https://mluvtecesky.net/en/grammar/word_order


Proc to musite vedet? is marked wrong. What is the rule to use "potrebujes" vs "musite Is it "need" vs. must? We would/could say in English for this sentence "Why must you know it"


must/have to - muset

need - potřebovat

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