"I borrow a book."

Translation:제가 책을 빌려요.

December 30, 2017

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what's the difference between 빌려줍니다 and 빌립니다?


빌립니다 is the formal conjugation of 빌리다 ("to borrow").

빌려줍니다 is the formal conjugation of 빌려주다 ("to lend").


One of the inadequacies of DL is a good means of explaining why an answer is wrong. It would be great if there was one Forum discussion page organized by lesson topic, with translations that have been reported as "should be correct" with explanations. Either 제가 or 저는 could be used to translate this sentence depending on the situation. One person may claim to have a large library, because he buys a book when he feels like reading. His friend, by contrast has a different method. and the Korean representation to show that contrast would be 저는 or 나는.


There's a comment section for every question, so I don't see why there isn't one for the whole lesson.


The correct suggestion is 빌려요 while my wrong answer is 빌려줍니다. Are they different?


빌려줍니다 is to give to borrow ( lend ? - haha not native English speaker sorry )


빌려요 means to borrow. Where 빌려줍니다 means to lend. It can be confusing, but remember that "주다" means "to give" and it should help you differentiate between them.

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