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No strengthen of the bars after succesful practice


I find it really frustrating when I do 'Timed practice' (or even sometimes without a timer), and finish with for example 19 out of 20 correct, and then get no extra strengthening in the bars. Why is that? It really is demotivating, when doing this over and over again without reward.

And I have so many skills that are half empty, but it is like as if I don't get any further when using the 'Strengthen Skills' button, because it only takes me through the skills in chronologic order. And if they aren't 5/5 in strength then I just keep running the same exercises forever since I don't get the rewards after training..

Anyone else experiencing this?

December 30, 2017



Try strengthening individual skills. This will be more likely to turn a skill gold on one strengthening exercise (although even then it is not guaranteed because it will depend on how weak all the words are and how many words get strengthened in the exercise).


To add on this, I would suggest you strengthen individual skills, but instead of regilding them one by one, I think it is better to keep all skills at around the same strength level. Don't try to rush it!


When you strengthen skills, you get an exercise session that tests some number of words. Those words will increase to full strength. The strength of a skill probably depends on the median of the strengths of words in that skill.

If the skill contains many words, then a single session might not increase the strength enough to change the strength rating.

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