"The queen and the king visit Duo in his palace in France."

Translation:Die Königin und der König besuchen Duo in seinem Schloss in Frankreich.

December 30, 2017



The English sentence uses "palace." Wouldn't Palast be a better translation than Schloss? I think of castles as historic buildings. A palace could be old or new; it just has to be grand. In other words, they're not the same thing.

July 5, 2018


Technically, that is correct. However, the Oxford entry for castle does give a list of synonyms, one of them being palace. While not technically accurate, generally speaking, it works, so...

October 31, 2018


That explains duo's fluency in French

December 30, 2017


Yes, but still working on his English

July 1, 2018


App will not allow selection of correct answer

August 2, 2019
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