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  5. "Für meinen Sohn?"

"Für meinen Sohn?"

Translation:For my son?

December 30, 2017


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Why meinen and not mein?


Because of the preposition für which demands accusative case.


you have to use accusative after the prep : durch, für, ohne, um so. für meinen Sohn


why meinen and not meiner? Also, I thought since it was "my son" so should use "meinen" i.e. the genitive case, no?


The preposition für requires the accusative case, thus meinen Sohn is in the accusative case.

Sohn is masculine, thus mein takes the form meinen for masculine accusative singular.

mein is a possessive determiner (possessive adjective) -- the possession is shown by using this word, not with the genitive case. The word mein takes an ending corresponding to the case of the noun, i.e. in this case accusative.

The genitive meines Sohnes would be used if the noun Sohn were in the genitive case, i.e. "of my son".


Wow thank you! Cleared up so many things for me. Thanks so much!


does anyone know where the hints and tips have gone from the exercises? They have gone. thx


Dang, he said "feer" meinen Sohn, not "fUr"

[deactivated user]

    the speaker says "der meinen"

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