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Odd encounter - Beware!

I think that I just found a paedophile in my group and I'm making this post to make you all aware that this could easily happen to you.

Their name was xxx-TheQueen-xxx which was quite suspicious from the start, then they began saying that they wanted warmth and to be cuddled by my fellow club members. She asked for or ages, but by this point, they were removed.

When their username is searched nothing comes up which is even more concerning, to all club admins/owners maybe you should read between the lines when new people join your club.

Thanks, Joel, the Owner of the New Potatoes Club!

December 30, 2017



I would but I can't find their username.


She asked for or ages, but by this point, they were removed.

Next time: Take screenshots of all the abusing texts and attach them to your abuse report.

How do I take a screenshot?


I have thanks for the help.


Hi folks, I'm looking into this right now. That sort of behavior most definitely shouldn't be happening.

If you see it, even if it isn't directed at you, please report it right away. Go to: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and on the "type of issue" drop down, select "abuse". If you cannot remember how to find this, send the email to abuse@duolingo.com. (These days, that email is for mods to use because we know what information to attach in abuse reports. The bug report page has step by step instructions for others. The same people check that and the bug report abuse tickets. But, child safety is maximum important. So don't let not being able to find the bug report page stop you from reporting these sorts of situations)

To find the bug report/abuse form, hover over your username where it appears at the top of the screen. A menu will drop down. On it, click "Help". The bug/abuse report button is all of the way at the bottom of the page. Click it and it will take you to the form.

Thank you so much for paying attention to and reporting these sorts of incidents!


Hi Joel.TJ, is the name of the club that xxx-TheQueen-xxx person in the same club that you named, New Potatoes Club? If not, would you please give me the name of the club, and the language course it's for?



It’s a Spanish club and what I previously said


My apologies for my earlier comment. I had forgotten about the rule in the guidelines that says you cannot call users out.

Once again, I am very sorry for my comment.

I hope this problem will soon be fixed.


Woof. I am grateful for your assistance in such a situation.

Mods who have mod rights in a forum can see the comments there even if deleted. So, if need be in such a case, you can post a comment and then immediately delete it.

After it is deleted, you can write another comment letting mods know you've left information "in grey text". That way, if a mod who doesn't have rights sees that, they can alert the appropriate moderator to come in and check. Also, always report such situations to staff too.

However, please reserve this for emergency situations. Public call-outs were restricted because people were using them to harass others. It was not good for our community. Right now, people are unable to contact mods directly. So, emergency situations present a special exception but must still be handled with care so as not to incite people to harassing the suspected person.

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