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Tell me how clubs work

I don’t get the clubs. I’ve been in a couple of clubs now that simply disappeared. One minute I’m in a discussion, and a the next the club is gone. What’s more, I can’t find it again. And every time I look at clubs they’re different.

I tried to invite someone to a club, but it says the club is full with 14 members.

So I’m confused. Are clubs even a thing? Do they get deleted overnight? Do clubs have a limit of 14 members? How do they work, or not work?

December 30, 2017



Also, if you check out the support information for Duolingo, I think this article will interest you:


There it says :

>The maximum size for a Club is fifteen members, to encourage social interactions.

If you go to this link, it also has on the right hand side, more "related articles" about clubs.

And , if you want to check out information from the help/support pages, you can find a link to them at the very bottom of your "Home" page. If you scroll all the way down, there is a menu of links to other useful resources, that also includes "help". Yes I know it is a long way down, and the menu is in standard text size and in light gray writing. Yet at least it can be located there.

I hope you are able to find the answers that you are looking for.


The sad thing is, clubs aren't really good for social interaction as they were meant to be. There's mostly no social activity there (with some rare exceptions), and often someone writes a greeting comment after joining and gets no response. The admins/creators of the club can also kick someone out and there are many clubs that have things like "X days streak only or out" or "bottom three members out every week" in their descriptions. And yes, admins can delete them anytime they want for any reason. Many people also leave on their own, because they aren't in the top of the club's leaderboard or just get ignored.

Since not so long ago, sometimes there are Duo's "answer the question" or "capture the image" pictures posted in the clubs to encourage talking and learning, but they usually get ignored, too. So the clubs' purpose is mostly giving learning languages the competitive feeling, if someone likes that. Not really that different from the web's leaderboard feature.


Now I tried to make a club and invite people, but I can’t. It says auto use the promotion code, but there’s no way to use it.


I tried the club thing briefly. It was a waste of time. I think mostly it’s a flawed concept. If you set it to private (a necessity as explained later), then nobody will know it exists. If you set it to auto-join, people who have no real connection to the aims of the club will join, and the club will be full of dead weight in no time at all.

I set up a club for people local to me to speak French. I specifically stated that it was for people in Georgia, USA. Within minutes, it was full. Nobody was even in the same country. I removed everybody, set it as private, and haven’t tried the club thing since.

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