"He finally got what he wanted."

Translation:Il a finalement obtenu ce qu'il voulait.

December 30, 2017



would it be wrong to use 'qu'il a voulu' here?

April 28, 2018


What's the use of "ce" here?

December 30, 2017


ce que is a relative pronouns like que; that is, it introduces a subordinate clause.
However, ce que is used in sentences in which there is no expressed antecedent. It does not refer to a specific noun, but rather to an idea or an entire statement, which may or may not have been previously expressed: it refers to something unstated and unspecified.

For example, compare it to:
Il a finalement obtenu le livre qu'il voulait.
"He finally got the book which/that he wanted"

For more information see: here

December 30, 2017


Someone explain the placement of finalement svp ?

March 21, 2018


"finalement " is the French adverb meaning "finally" in English. French adverbs usually follow the verb (or, in the case of a compound verb, follow the conjugation of the auxiliary verb).

See: here

March 21, 2018
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