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Language Resolutions for 2018!

Hi everyone! I hope this year was a great year for you! Are you going to have any language learning resolutions for the coming year? Here are mine: 1. To finish my Spanish and Portuguese trees. 2. To make my Spanish tree completely golden. 3. To try really really hard to use Duolingo every day. Please tell use your language learning resolutions in the comments. Did you make any last year? Were you able to keep them? Have a great 2018 everyone!

December 30, 2017



Practice Japanese (totally new to me) every day.

And a great 2018 to you as well!


My original goal for 2018 was going to be to finish my Esperanto tree, which I've already finished. Another resolution of mine would be to restart the French from English course, a language I initially was learning on Duolingo but stopped a few months ago. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the French skill tree, while reviewing Esperanto and Swedish all the while.


hi spear , I follow you

  1. Finish Italian and Welsh Trees. Maybe Japanese too if I have the time.

  2. I actually just started this one; Have a system that encourages me to do Duolingo daily and learn as much as possible using minimal requirements.

  3. Learn how to write and read in Thai without a romanization aid (not a Duolingo goal but still something I want to achieve).

  4. Get my Spanish tree to level 25 and my Swedish tree to level 20.

  5. If I finish Japanese I might add a new language on Duolingo. Russian is one I'm leaning on right now.

A lot has changed in my life in the past year so I'm just starting to get settled down and now that I'm going to have a little bit more stability and time to relax I'm hoping to actually get a little more serious with the aspiring polyglot goal I have. So I didn't have any resolutions last year but I hope to get them done this year (and not have to chicken out!)


Have a great 2018 too!

My main goal is to keep learning Japanese and finish the reverse tree. I'd also like to learn more French and German and finish the trees, because they are beautiful languages and I was taught them back in school but never really got anywhere near proficient. I'd love to learn Spanish too, and some more Chinese, but I can't do too many languages at once, or they get mixed up.

I'm not sure how it will go, soon I will have less time because I'm writting my Master's degree... but being able to translate from English and Russian really helps. And a year is a long time so hopefully I will get it all together ;)

And most importantly, keep up the motivation, practice daily and find time to learn more languages. Which I wish to everyone here, since dedicating time and effort to learning is not an easy task. Happy New Year to everyone! :)

  1. Finish off the Norwegian tree by the end of January

  2. Create Norwegian vocabulary resources

  3. Get back into Esperanto

  4. Finish the Spanish tree & related textbooks

  5. Get Turkish, French, Dutch & Romanian to at least level 10

  6. Perhaps start learning Russian

I wish you all a great & successful 2018! ^^


Get to where I can simply watch and understand French videos.

Travel to France and speak with people.

Finish Turkish tree.


I want to get to a conversational level in Spanish and Portugese finish the Russian and Romanian tree and start with Chinese and maybe Japanese if the tree improves i tried Japanese when it was only on mobile but it was too frustrating and it was not going to be enough


My goals are:

  1. Finish German tree. (There are just 8 lessons left)
  2. Finish Reverse tree.
  3. Reach B1 / B2 Level in German.

Have a great 2018 too!


These may change. My goals often change.

  1. Finish the Japanese and French trees.
  2. Resume Spanish and German.
  3. Use the Labs section for French (mostly).
  4. Read Nausicaa in Japanese, watch Japanese TV shows and movies without subtitles. I lived in Japan for 11 years, so my listening is far better than any other aspect of the language.
  5. Check out all of the languages available on duolingo that I haven't checked out yet.


I haven't decided which one yet, but I'm planning on getting proficient or even almost fluent in either French or German. I would prefer German, but French is much easier for me so I might have spare time in the year to do both.


i'm a quarter away from finishing my chinese tree which i hope can be done by january/february. then i'm gonna focus on keeping it golden everyday.


1) Finish my Japanese Tree 2) Finish my Hebrew Tree 3) Get to Level 25 in French I'd be pretty happy if these resolutions were met!

Happy New Year everyone!!! All the best in 2018!

  1. Re-finish the Norwegian Tree (cause they keep updating it, i'm not complaining though :D)
  2. Try to learn Norwegian everyday
  3. Try another language (but I'm leaning towards Italian, French, or Russian)

[deactivated user]
    1. Continue reviewing Japanese
    2. Start and finish Italian
    3. Finish German
    4. Practice Kanji every day
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