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Would you like to contribute with the course?

I've seen comments like: too few tips, a few kanji in the course... And I haven't seen comments from the current contributors of the course so,... If you noticed that something is important and it is not included in the course and if you can speak japanese fluently,... Could you contribute?

December 30, 2017



I don't think they'll let anyone contribute. I wanted to help out, as I struggled with the language for a few years. I applied a few months back with no reply whatsoever. Normally, a courtesy response (at least) would be expected.

I have not seen that any of the contributors have been active at all on discussion boards and I have been unable to find any official updates on course progress for several months.

I believe that it is not only a closed system, but other than the 'Helpful Duo' posts that show up occasionally, that group seems to have dropped out since it entered beta.


That seems like such a shame - what is going on? I am almost done with going through the whole tree a second time: besides a few more vocabulary/picture pairings, I am not noticing changes, so I'm wonder what is happening behind the scenes. (And the iOS app has become a bit more buggy - I have just encountered yet another unit with only two sentences, and this used to only happen on the web.)

I wish the group would communicate more. This course has helped me a lot by activating vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and I'd like to see it live long and prosper.

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