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(Third-Party) Helpful when learning Korean.

Before I get to it, Duolingo is a very good site, by far it's the best language learning site around! However Duolingo is great, but sometimes it isn't best to work off from one site, that's why I want to show you this:


This website tells you about all about Korean (I assume, I haven't passed all the units yet)! It tells you about grammar, particles, why things are the way they are etc. Duolingo does a lot of these things as well, and that's really cool!

I just believe that working with more things can increase your knowledge and help you excel more! So, it's not mandatory, but check it out!

  • Taylor Cameron
December 30, 2017



While we are praising ths competition, it is also worth mentioning Lingodeer, which offers a smoother introduction to Korean than Duo does...


I have only heard of Lingodeer before, but I will try it! Sounds good


Just a word of caution.

While that website is a very good resource to get a better understanding of Korean (it's often the first website that pops up when I look for the explanation on a certain grammar pattern), it is far from being completely accurate.

Don't forget it is made by a non-native speaker, and I've often heard native speakers tell me his example sentences or texts do not sound all that natural.

Yet, I'm very happy this website exists and I admire him for putting so much time and effort into it. He explains things from the perspective of a foreign learner (being one himself) thus better grasping some of our difficulties that Korean natives might not get.

As you say, it can only benefit you to diversify your learning resources.


Excellent suggestion. The How to Study Korean course is not as much fun as DL--no xp's, no forum, no one to follow, but lots of insight on how the language works. There are currently 135 lessons, The developer is a science teacher from Canada, now living in Seoul with his Korean wife. The site is a continuous labor of love as they work together in their off time to expand and improve it. It would be a tremendous supplement to DL for anyone serious about developing real Korean proficieny. At the rate of 5 lessons every 2 weeks, the course could be completed in just over a year, resulting in a vocabulary over 4000 (more than twice DL) and a far more thorough understanding of the grammar than is possible from the current DL course.


I have resources from this howtostudykorean site. They are good. Having multiple study resources have helped my comprehension greatly. There are also free lessons and really good explanations to be found on Talk to Me in Korean's site (http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/). Hyunwoo and Kyungeun do a great job of making the language rules makes sense and since they make the first 9 levels free (20-30 lessons per level and they do a good job explaining topic/subject/object marking particles!!). The learning format is printed if you want the PDF and podcasts. They also have many YouTube video and are active on social media such as FB and IG. If you want, there are resources you can purchase as well, but it is not necessary at all.


I don't like that duolingo is using romanized phrasing of the Korean alphabet there should be a way to skip this section for those that can already read Korean


I will stuck to Duolingo but your advice is so good and helpful, I will just use both. Thanks man!

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