December 30, 2017

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various should be acceptable too


'diverse' should also be included, and various (Google Translate)


Is this synonymous to "Tofauti"?


as an adjective, yes, if you mean 'various/varied'


In some contexts, yes, but in others, no.

Mbalimbali is more like "various" or "assorted" in that it applies to plural things that are different from one another (within the group).

If you just want to say that one thing is different, you can only say "tofauti".

  • Kuna aina tofauti ya mbwa. = There is a different type of dog.
  • Kuna aina tofauti za mbwa. = There are different types of dogs.

  • Kuna aina mbalimbali za mbwa. = There are different/various types of dog.

With tofauti, you can add a comparative object ("benchmark") with na.

  • Aina hii ni tofauti na hiyo. = This type is different from that one.
  • Aina hizi ni tofauti na hiyo. = These types are different from that one.

  • Aina hizi ni mbalimbali. = These types are varied / different from one another.

With mbalimbali, you cannot add a comparative object with na as you can with tofauti, i.e. you cannot say what something is different from (or to or than according to your dialect of English). The comparative object with mbalimbali is always simply the other members of the group.


So this doesn't decline?


No, this one stays the same.

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