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"I have ten different companies."

Translation:J'ai dix compagnies différentes.

December 30, 2017



"j'ai dix différentes compagnies" pourrait être accepté


différentes compagnies = various compagnies
compagnies différentes = different compagnies


Thanks, Amine, but I think that your reasons are not strong enaugh

j'ai dix différentes companies

j'ai dix companies différentes.

In both cases the companies are ten. and in both cases the companies are different. So, it is not a matter of meaning but of French grammar.

Áre they grammatically correct or aren't they?

I agree with bothorel. In my view, they are. If there were a difference between them it would be that one focuses on their number and the other one focuses on their variety. Neverdeless, honestly, I am not totallly sure.


Hi Amine, I think you have a typo - there is no "g" in the English words "company/companies". ☺
Bonne année !


Yep, it is a ridiculous refusal


Both are correct in french canada.


Should entreprises be accepted here?


Here, 'Different companies' is 'compagnies différentes' but in an earlier exercise, the word 'différente' came before the noun. Now it comes after the noun? I got it wrong earlier, so I made a point of putting 'différentes' before the noun this time, but it's wrong again. Pourquoi?

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