"Pamatuješ si, kde jsme zaparkovaly?"

Translation:Do you remember where we parked?

December 30, 2017

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Měl jsem tuto větu jako poslechový test, napsal jsem "Pamatuješ si, kde jsme zaparkovali?", ovšem bylo to označeno jako typo a správně "Pamatuješ si, kde jsme zaparkovaly?". Předpokládám, že se to samé stane v překladu EN>CZ.

České audio ani anglická věta rod neurčují, správné by mělo být obojí.


We disable the audio for all sentences with past participles when we find them. This one has been disabled already, probably after your comment.


Why the sentence "Do you remember where did we park?" is not possible? Or am I missing anything here?


Your question doesn't sound correct. You could say "Do you remember where we did park?" This could be said with some irritation after several incorrect places were suggested. Perhaps before asking this question you would say, "I see you remembered where we didn't park."

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