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Japanese Course - suggestion on English instructions during a lesson/course

Yay! It's here. I've been waiting for this.

The English instructions in the questions that require the user to convert the hiragana to English should read "translate this to English" instead of "write this in English". It's unclear whether they want the romanji transcription or a translation of the Japanese lexeme to an English lexeme.

December 30, 2017



I'm going to have to agree with yojoedave2002 on this one. First couple of times I saw "write しろ in English" I wrote shiro without thinking, assuming they wanted a beginning student to be able to write the Romaji. I wouldn't have done that if I saw the word "translate".


English and Romaji (not Romanji) are not the same. Romaji encompasses all languages and uses the Latin alphabet, which coincidentally is also used in English. The word 'white' in English would be ホワイト in katakana and howaito in Romaji. Apples, oranges, and pears.

In my mind, 'Write this in English' definitely does not mean 'Write this in a character set that is commonly used in most European languages'.

That being said, would changing the wording as you have suggested be a bad thing? Definitely not.


The Japanese beta still needs a lot of work. It would be nice if there was a place for feedback.


It would be great if the Japanese course had some instructions. I'm just clicking on stuff until it matches with no idea why or how things go together.

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