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What is the greatest language learning tip...

What is the greatest language learning tip you could share with the community for a new year of study?

December 30, 2017



Persistence and repetition. It’s not hard to learn languages - kids do it all the time - but it takes a lot of time.

Also, as much as possible find people to speak with. I’m probably B2 in reading and A2(-) in speaking, as I have a fear of making mistakes.


I wish that I had repeated every phrase out loud right from the beginning to try to help my fear of speaking.


Don't stress about new modules that blow your mind, a week later they will start to make sense. Persistence is definitely the key, for me anyway! :-)


When you realize you're struggling with a specific word, write it and/or put it in a list. When you've finished with several Duolingo lessons (and redone them), you will have a list of "priority" words- words that need much more attention than other ones that you aren't struggling with. This method works well for me personally, but we all have different methods. Just a suggestion ^^


Put to use what you have learnt.


Keep motivation alive ;)


Do the things you like, it is going to be a long haul. Focus on the parts you are most interested in.


use visuals with note cards and matching games and immerse yourself in films and music.


Practice and practice, every single day.

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