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Club Owner Advice?

For those of you in clubs or are the admin of one, what tips/advice would you give to new owners or even current ones to help improve clubs for everyone involved?

December 30, 2017



Don't be afraid to kick people out if they are inactive. It almost always means they quit. I have about 5% retention after three weeks. Every other Sunday clear everyone who has 0 XP and no steak.


I am not a club admin (yet?), but an idea I have would be to make posts to the community similar to the automated posts made by Duolingo (Where are you from, caption this picture, and so on). Or just reply to them and hope others will follow suit. I have been in a club for several days now and everyone has been quiet. I hope people don't just join them to earn mobile app achievements and win weekly XP contests. It is a bit tough to actually socialize in Duolingo because there isn't currently a way to privately reach out to individual members to chat and so on.

I agree with TTUTLC - 0 XP and no streak should get kicked out at the end of a week so your club will have room for hopefully motivated new members to join.


My club is very small, and it stays that way. I frequently remove members who do not participate in the daily Duolingo club exercise and do not show regular XP growth. I am here to learn and interact with other LEARNERS, and I have no patience for the people who simply take up space.


I am removing the bottom 2 members out of fifty about once a month if they are 0 XP and 0 streak, at least until I get a higher activity level in the club. I also periodically respond to the "prompts" (word smash etc.), congratulate weekly leaderboard winners, and welcome newcomers if I see a notice.

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