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Why doesn't Duolingo update the App for people like me who are on a 521 day streak?

Because I love the App so much, I have referred many people to Duolingo. I noticed, however, that when my recent referral downloaded the App, she had a vastly different array of subject courses IN ADDITION to the courses that I have (i.e., Vikings, etc.). Is it possible for me to get the additional courses without losing my streak?

December 31, 2017



Hey, SandraStrother7. Duolingo is constantly undergoing changes and testing, which is why your friend probably has these new features/lessons. Duolingo typically selects a bunch of users (not all) to test, and if the test goes through well, it is typically released to all users of a certain platform (Windows, iOS, Android).

Also, does your friend have a different operating system from you? For example, do you use Android and she uses iOS? If so, that is another reason why you two have different things. I'm hoping in the future that everyone gets the same thing, but for now, if you two have different operating systems, you will have to wait to get the new features.


There is something very exciting... I was lucky to be in the test group... coming soon to all apps and later the web. Check here:



I can't wait :-) Happy new year to all duolingo users!


The vikings etc. are the bots from the ios version. They have started showing up in the tree for some people instead of hiding in the bots tab.

The stories for the PC version are a worthy alternative (I like them quite a bit more), and since you're already at lev 25, the podcasts are also worth a look.

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