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Chinese in Beta

Its great to see you are offering Chinese as I really wanted to learn this language. It would be great to get the English translation so it would be easier to understand the meaning of the words or even a picture so I can visualise the meaning of the words. Great start - thanks

December 31, 2017



You should create some of your own notecards on tinycards or quizlet.com and use pictures to remember things. You can use them as digital notecards or do some matching games to help remember (quizlet)


...or you can also do the same in TinyCards.


Did you know that many characters are actually based on the appearance of the words they are meant to represent? This means, using certain radical patterns, you could guess the meaning of some words, like "三点水“, is often used to represent some sort of liquid component!

It may also help to learn the "汉语拼音“ first, which will help you when you go to use the word in typing or speaking. This is literally what I did when I learned Chinese as my first language, and works pretty well in most circumstances, especially since a lot of texts come with 汉语拼音 over the words, and you can speak more fluently!

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