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How Did You Get Your Screen Name?

Reading another discussion I saw lots of interesting names out there, and I wanted to know how you came up with yours. I use Kat-aclismic as a pun to my name (Kat) as well as a reflection of the never ending trouble hunt that got my into Duolingo in the first place. What's your story? I'd love to hear it!

December 31, 2017



Fine, ONE last post for 2017. Just for fun.

My mom created this account, so I kinda have a rough idea why she chose this name. Leif is my real name (shhh!!!), and my nickname is Leifer, and my last name begins with a B (shhh!!! again), so she put them together and made LeiferB.

If I created this account, I would have SupersonicXD1 as my name.

Why? When I was like, 9, I was trying to think of a screen name for myself other than LeiferB or something like that for a game called Trackmania Nations Forever, and I was like, "Why not SupersonicXD?". Looking back, I don't really know why I chose that name. I kinda liked the Sonic The Hedgehog games, so I'm guessing that's why I chose the "Supersonic" part of my name, but now I realized that I didn't really like Sonic at the time! I actually liked Silver The Hedgehog more than Sonic. And the "XD" part? I really liked Disney XD because it had Phineas and Ferb on it, so yeah.

Oh, now you're wondering about the "1" part, right? Well I have one thing to say to you:


No, I didn't add the one because I really like that meme. Not that I'm hating on Robbie Rotten or anything. I love that meme!

But anyways, when I was 11, I got Minecraft for the first time, and my dad made the account, and he put a one at the end of the username because someone already took "SupersonicXD" already, so I guess he just added a one to make my username complete with a number! So yeah!

That was waaaaaaaay longer than it needed to be...


You can always go to settings and change your name...


Zatfel is just the first three letters of my surname + the first three letters of my first name because I like how they look written together. That's it.


Skyflakes is a brand of saltine crackers that's popular in the Philippines. My mom is from the Philippines but I grew up in the US. About 10 years ago, a Filipino grocery store opened up near me and one of the first things we bought from there was a big plastic container of skyflakes crackers. When we finished the crackers, my mom saved the container and used it to hold small things in the garage. She put a label on it that says "nuts & volts." What she meant was "nuts & bolts," but v's and b's sound the same in her accent so she often misspells words like this. I thought that a recycled skyflakes container with that spelling error on it was the perfect symbol of my culture so I use it in a lot of my usernames.


Fun thread idea! Mine means "Night cherry blossom princess" in Japanese. As for why I picked it. I know Japanese and one of my favorite words is "night cherry blossom" because I went to a night cherry blossom event in Japan and it was so pretty, I really loved it. They put lights on all the cherry blossom trees and it kind of reminded me of Christmas tree decorations, but with pink and white cherry blossom trees. :) "Hime"/"princess" was added because "Yozakura" was taken and I didn't want to add a number, so it ended up being the first thing I thought of.


I heard a Spanish cover of the famous song "Stitches" and one of the lines said "Tengo cicatrices" (I have scars). I then changed my name to "LasCicatrices" (the scars) because somehow the name "TengoCicatrices" was taken on a lot of different websites. Not too interesting of a story, but yeah, I got it from a Spanish cover haha.


black panther is the king of wakanda so I thought why not I just do "King_Of_Beasts"?


I came up with it 5 years ago in my friend's house when I was making my first ROBLOX account. It was originally theomegaGmaster, but it was deleted a few years later. Before that, I made a different account, theTrueomegaGmaster, and a few years later I shortened it to OmegaGmaster, which is my username for everything I have nowadays.


My name is Asiyah, and a teacher came up with the idea of AsiyahLater a while back. It sounded like sia later or cia later like the saying of "I'll see you later". So yeah. That's how I got my name for this. Sounds kinda cool to me so I use it for most of my usernames. Also I did AsiyahLater123 because AsiyahLater was already taken.


My name is a combination of references from a videogame and an anime: The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Ball Z.

I'm a part of both fandoms and both stories have a sword in their plots. TLOZ has the Master Sword and DBZ has the Z-Sword. I put the name of the two swords together and got MasterZsword. ^ ^


Actually my screen name was NeonDragoness just because I thought it sounded cool and than after 2 years of being in the site I decided I wanted to change it so I just deleted the first part of the original name and the gender marker in “dragoness” and added the word “polyglot”. I thought it suited the site and what I wanted to achieve with it. So far I’m confident in 2 languages (native English and okayish Spanish) but I can push a basic conversation with a few others.


Arakkoa is a species from World of Warcraft. My favorite one. It's what's in my profile picture. From a wiki page about them: "Arakkoa are able to become fluent in languages at a remarkable rate by observing speakers for only a short time." https://wow.gamepedia.com/Arakkoa


Over sixty years ago, I wanted to be a cartoonist and in most of my jobs since I used that skill as an extra way of helping out in about all of my jobs. The first syllable of my last name is Carp. Hence, Carptoon.


I just found a rhyme and went with it.


fun question! I think mine is pretty obvious! Camilla is my first name, and I am danish, I am learning spanish from english


Many years ago I played Australian rules football in the country town where I was living and working as a young teacher, as I was short, slow and a bit fat I found myself with the nick name "fatty wombat".


Well, I used to be obsessed with dogs, and so I made my username "Woof." At some point I decided to change it but I couldn't find a good one, and people already called me Woof, so I didn't.


My nickname is Elf and I'm from Australia...should say it all. :)


For a few personal reasons, but more forefront because of the images it brings to mind. :)


I have no idea. I've never used EmperorIguana42 before Duolingo and only ever use it for language learning websites. Iguanas are one of my favourite animals though.


I've been using it for more than 10 years by now. Where it comes from is one of the best kept secrets of all times xD. But it has 3 different references / meanings in it.


I'm writing a story. Lemniscatarum is a name of one of the characters. Lemniscatarum is Latin for ribbon (I think?), and lemniscate (English word) is the symbol for infinity.

[deactivated user]

    I was thinking of something language related and Periculosum was the first thing that came to my mind. It's Latin, from TV series Grimm, was written on a cloth.


    Hmm, not sure. I guess it just came to me. ;)


    At first I was a totally different named user and I changed every month. but I finally thought about it and since I love sonic I picked supersonic and on khan academy my name is Super Sonic Studios(as for the picture<-- I drew it myself).


    My user name is a nickname given to the protagonist of the book in my profile picture, "The Fountainhead." I find that I have strong personal similarities with main characters of novels written by Ayn Rand. I do not have as great an interest in the world-famous comic book superhero.


    My screen name is Fandom Trash because well...I am fandom trash. My user is the same as my Wattpad name and that's where I write fanfics other than Google docs. So yeah...


    I’m Undertale trash and this is the name of my YT channel

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