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Ich habe sechs

I have six more lessons to complete.

Restarted from the first one 61 days ago after doing a little bit a few years ago and then stopping.

For the last 61 days I have done about 100-200 xp per day , and keep the whole tree golden evwry day and try to listen to some YouTube vids like learn German with ania, etc. The duoling says I am 69 percent fluent but that is a load of scheiße. That's okay though. On level 19.

The other day i was watching a funny Hitler reacts to star wars video and was reading the fake English subtitles when I realized I was understanding some of the audio . That was kind of neat, as I wasn't even trying to.

Anyway, in a week or so, I will have finished the tree. Feels good to have pushed through when i was feeling like I didn't understand the sentence structure and stuff. I just kept pushing and eventually it began to click more.

So keep up with it y'all. Happy New year.

December 31, 2017



Good Job and happy new year. German with Ania is awesome.


Yeah she is a good lehrerin


Happy new year and well done!


I accidentally read the title incorrectly xD


I wonder how would it sounds in German when you mean the "incorrectly".


How is your Deutsch two years later?

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