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  5. "You have too many cats."

"You have too many cats."

Translation:Du hast zu viele Katzen.

December 31, 2017



No such thing as too many cats


When would we ever use "vielen" if not here? Danke!




Here the "-e" at the end is a result of the gramatical case called accusative:

  • Du hast zu viele Katzen. Du hast viele Katzen. is accusative and plural and indefinite article "viele".

  • Du hilfst vielen Menschen. is dative and plural and indefinite article "viele".

Let's see what will happen with another type of article:

  • Du hast die zu vielen Katzen. Du hast die vielen Katzen. ~ here you get "-en" at the end because of accusative and plural and definite article "der/die/das".

  • Du hilfst den vielen Menschen. is dative and plural and belongs to the definite articles of "der/die/das".


Just adding that "Du hast die zu vielen Katzen" isn't a correct sentence ("You have the too many cats"), but apart from that, the grammar is correct. ("Du hast die vielen Katzen" = "You're the one who owns all those cats" works fine.)

If you substitute "many cats" with "large jackets", it works better: "Du hast die zu großen Jacken." = "You have the too large jackets (I've been looking for)."

(...and accordingly, "Du hast die großen Jacken." = "You have the large jackets.", and "Du hast (zu) große Jacken." = "You have (too) large jackets.")


I'm taking German in school and our tutor, who is from Germany, when going over some homework specified that zu only meant "to" and not "too" and even made us change it. So what's going on with zu? I


Du hast sehr viele Katzen.

is this correct too?


'Sie haben zu viele Katzen' is of course accepted. I am annoyed that the Tips and notes omit the formal you.


Ihr habt zu viele katzen, why is it wrong?

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