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  5. "The star is small."

"The star is small."

Translation:Der Stern ist klein.

December 31, 2017



Der Stern sieht klein aus


That would be more like "the star looks small". It implies that it might not actually be small, but it at least seems small from the speaker's point of view.


How can ‘DER Stern ist klein’ be correct if ‘die Sonne ist EIN Stern’ is correct? If Stern is der Stern, should it not be ...’ist EINEN Stern’ ??


If Stern is der Stern, should it not be ...’ist EINEN Stern’ ??

No. Nominative case after "to be", not accusative.

"to be" is not a transitive verb acting on a direct object.


When then do I use 'kurz'? Isn't that used for objects and time and klein only for peoole?


Kurz means short; it's not used for people though, in the sense of "a short person".

However, kurz doesn't mean small. To mean 'small' in German, as in this sentence, you need to use the word 'klein'.

Additionally, 'klein' can be used about humans to mean "short". So it could be said that 'klein' is used both with people and with objects, while 'kurz' is only used with objects.

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