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  5. "I also drink water."

"I also drink water."


December 31, 2017



I also drink water! we have so many things in common.


dude no way!!! are you like, really into it or is just an every once and a while thing?


Anyone have suggestions on how to better learn mandarin? I find the symbols hit or miss. TIA


I'm trying to take it slow, never more than one new lesson a day. I also write out words and sentences on paper as I go through these exercises, using the stroke order from archchinese.com.

It also helps to pair a duolingo course with the matching memrise or tinycards course, but sadly memrise isn't letting free users access much anymore, and there isn't yet a full tinycards set with sound for chinese.


What do you mean the symbols? If you mean the characters then i guess there are ways that you can go about learning how to listen and speak Chinese. There are also specific pin yin learning tools. If you do want to learn with characters, it's really important to supplement this tool with flashcards or other online tools which will really help with recognition.


If you want to learn to write the symbols there are a lot of writing sheets on pinterest. BBC China also has some useful learning videos and resources.


I look for boxes and similar patterns


When you've just met someone and you're trying to find a common interest


hello fellow human


They should allow pinyin answers


Geesh. A single extra space the whole thing is wrong.

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