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"Mom cooked the onions with oil."

Translation:엄마는 식용유로 양파를 요리했어요.

December 31, 2017



Which one is the one used most frequently, when talking about cooking? 기름, 오일 or 식용유?


식용유 = Cooking oil.

기름 = The oil used in vehicles as a fuel.

오일 = Something the younger people will use for refer to both engine oil and cooking oil.


When I worked in Korea in a kitchen the cook would only ever use 기름 thats where I learned the word in the first place, so it must be ok to use for food as well.


Ive only ever heard people use 기름


식용유 is generic cooking oil. When being specific usually you can just add 유 to the end of the thing... Canola oil=카놀라유 Olive oil=올리브유

For some specific oils 기름 is more common like... Sesame oil=참기름 Perilla seed oil=들기름

기름 is Korean and 유 (油) is Sino-Korean and they both basically just mean oil. They can both be used to refer to oil for cooking or non-cooking purposes. 오일 is obviously English. I would say 오일 is most common in cosmetic contexts, but can also be used for cooking oils that also have names derived from English.

경유=Diesel gasoline 휘발유=Regular gasoline But if you were just talking generally about putting gas in your car you'd probably say 기름.


엄마는 食用油로 洋파를 料理했어요.


Mine cooked the onions with butter


Wow, 나도 먹고 싶어.


기름 is oil and 식용유 is cooking oil . Well yes if We say oil it can be any oil but talking about cooking oil.is something you have to be specific of. Eg: 올리브 식용유(cooking olive oil) 코코넛 오일(Coconut oil) is konglish(English words written in korean alphabets) 오일 is also oil. Correct me if imma wrong


식용유 is not in the hints... this continues to be a problem in every lesson...

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