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"Fische trinken keinen Orangensaft!"

Translation:Fish don't drink orange juice!

December 31, 2017



why not fishes ?


Because the plural of "fish" in English is "fish".

(Unless you're speaking about difference species of fish.)


You are correct but both fish and fishes are accepted as correct in English. If you want to answer to be just fish, the phrase should be more specific. I have over 20 years of schooling (high school, undergrad, grad) and have taken several English writing classes. Fishes has always been acceptable as a plural form of fish.


As an English person, I'd just like to say that normally the plural of 'Fish' is 'Fish'. It's similar to 'Deer', the plural of which is 'Deer', or 'Sheep', the plural of which is 'Sheep'....


Danke Kevin, 'an English person', du hast mich überzeugt.


It is a possible form within CONTEXT. For example, all the fishes of the sea = all the different kinds of fish. But in American English, fish (as a general group) most definitely like water but not necessarily orange juice.


It is acceptable but not very common.


Woh! I didn't know!


like someone else said: fishes should still work. fish is not the only way to translate "Fische"


Not in modern English, anyway. Shakespeare and the translators of the King James Bible used it, true, but that was 400+ years ago.


Fish=Singular and plural of one species of fish Fishes= plural of multiple species of fish


I think he was asking the fish why they dont drink orange juice


Because the plural of fish is fish


Why keinen and bot keine?


Because Orangensaft is masculine (der), so in the accusative case kein ends with an -en


Keinen-masculine form in accusative case


Orangensaft is a compound word, the ending word determines the gender of the noun which is masculine "der Saft".


Is this sentence just for the grammar? i can't even think of a situation where i would use this sentence IRL... Funny though.


Yes, it's just a silly sentence to practise grammar.


Yay for silly sentences to practise grammar!!


A while ago i had visitors in my house and a kid poured juice in my aquarium trying to feed the fish. I said: "Hey kid fish dont drink juice!"


Why not "fish are not drinking orange juice?"


After a quick google search I have found a picture of a fish drinking orange juice: https://9gag.com/gag/ajrNWBq/fish-drinking-orange-juice-from-a-baby-bottle3


help me. when to use kein, keine, keinen??


Kein: regular version for neuter and masculine nouns. Keine: for feminine and plural nouns. Keinen: accusative version for masculine nouns.


So "Fish drinkS no orange juice" (note the -s ending in 'drinks') is not acceptable? Why?


Because when the subject is plural (like "fish" or "dogs" or "cats"), the verb does not take -s.

So it has to be "Fish drink no orange juice".


I'm typing the correct German every time, exactly what they show me is the "correct" words, and yet it keeps saying im wrong. And, of course, it wont let me advance! What do I do now????


I am writing exactly what is shown to be correct, but am being told what I've submitted is not correct! And, of course, I am not able to advance! Any help??


Click the Report flag and select “my answer should be accepted.”


Fish are not drinking orange juice. Isn't it correct?


Fish don't drink... it isn't right. It should be Fish doesn't..... isn't it?



The usual plural of "fish" in English is "fish".

In this sentence, "fish" is plural, which you can see from the verb -- "fish don't".

If it were singular, it would need an article, e.g. "a fish doesn't".


Don't and do not are same...please change your marking criteria


I am typing correct answer and app is time and again rejecting my ans...look into this guys!


Please show us a screenshot of your response, the error message, and the correction (if any).

We can't see what you typed, so just talking about "the correct answer" and "rejecting" without any details is not helpful in finding out what happened.

  • Saft is masculine, and therefore so is Orangensaft
  • Orangensaft here is the direct object of the verb trinken, so it's in the accusative case
  • therefore you need the masculine accusative form of kein, which is keinen


Fishes is a word that is used when discussing different species of fish...as in, Salmon and Pike are fishes the species.... It is in the dictionary but not often used.


I am confused on where to use keine and keinen


why is it keinen and not nicht? please help! because if it says " i dont drink orange juice" it will be ich trinke orangensaft nicht wont it?


why is it keinen and not nicht?

If the verb has a direct object which is indefinite, you will generally use a form of kein to negate the sentence.

if it says " i dont drink orange juice" it will be ich trinke orangensaft nicht wont it?

No, it won't. It would be Ich trinke keinen Orangensaft. (with kein and with capital O on Orangensaft.)

Ich trinke Orangensaft nicht would negate the verb: "What I do to orange juice is not 'drink', ..." -- and the sentence would feel incomplete if you don't say what the actual verb should be.

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