Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr,
happy New Year, Bonne année, Feliĉa jaro, Chúc mừng năm mới, с новым годом, Boldog új évet, Felice anno nuovo, Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος,


December 31, 2017

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the same to you :-)

Thanks. Happy New Year! : )

happy new year,and very important health,and a lot of Money that is the best combination

Thank you very much. I hope you can have the best combination, too.

Thank you very much and ... Happy New Year for all the people, which make Duolingo to a nice place :-), Guten Rutsch euch allen. Je souhaite la bonne année à tous.

Hello Sophia! What a good idea and what pleasure to all Users on this Channel- everyone can select his personal wishes for the new year 2018 - in his own language .. Good job ! Thank you very much! I'm wishing the same to you- and all the other Duo- fans... might wie have a good year - and successful learnig and understanding new languages with our nice owl DUO ! Bye.

thanks : ) i wish that all people have a good new year

Thanks, Happy New Year! Tack, Gott nytt år. ( Swedish is my favorite language. )

Köszönöm szépen :-)

Happy New Year - šťastný nový rok - Frohes Neues Jahr

Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! - if I got that right (because the dictionary gives landslide for the standalone Rutsch thing), that's a wish of good luck and landslide-like overwhelming success in all endeavors in the new year.

(I apologize for posting mainly in English; it's just that I still cannot handle German well enough after only slightly over a month of studying it).

Thank you, I have to practice English much, too! But you have translated well. Happy new year as well

Ein gesundes neues Jahr für euch alle!!!

the same for you and good luck

Wünsche ich euch auch :) the same to you :)

Irgendwer frisst hier Lingots, bei Dir sind es zehn mehr geworden, bei mir 23 weniger... Guten Rutsch!

Wünsch ich euch auch.

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