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"Tu îi dai acelei fete o felie de tort."

Translation:You give that girl a slice of cake.

December 31, 2017



Why is fete singular here?


In this scenario, acelei fete is the dative form. Plural would be acelor fete.

For masculine things, it would be acelui băiat for singular and acelor băieți for plural.

Romanian is strange.


How do you know when to use the dative form? Like can't you say, "tu ii dai fata aia o felie de tort"?


It's dative. You can get the conjugation/declination table on the dex website or app: https://dexonline.ro/intrare/fat%C4%83/20337#paradigmTab


I wish we could just put 'a piece of cake' as most of the time we talk about pieces of cake where I come from, though I know the piece is also a slice.


I think "You give to that girl a slice of cake" should be an accepted answer, even though the "to" is not necessary.

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