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New Year language resolutions (2018)?

(I know, some of us still gotta wait another 20 or so hours but still :P)

My first (?) year on Duolingo, Luis created a post asking everyone in the forum what our language resolutions for the coming year would be. I had a grand goal... and totally fell flat on achieving it. It was too much, too big. It exhausted my energy even just thinking about it only a month or so into the new year.

Since then, I've learned a thing or two about goal setting: Make challenging enough to motivate, but not so challenging as to demotivate. In other words, make your goals achievable. I even made a post a while back, titled Are your language goals holding you back?

So, I'm keeping it challenging but achievable this year: My specific language goals for 2018 are to reach level 16 in Japanese, and to review the Spanish for English tree from top to bottom, reaching at least 2 crowns on each skill. My other goal is to keep using American Sign Language (ASL). But, that's a given due to my friendships. :)

What about you? What are your language goals 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 for 2018. And if you have any well-wishes for your fellow Duolingoers, feel welcome to include those too. ^_^

(1.0 goals are ones you are easily confident you will achieve, like no doubt whatsoever. 2.0 goals are things you would like to achieve but are not sure you can due to the challenge. And 3.0 goals are actually outer-space dreams. If you haven't set any 1.0 goals, set some.)

Give me details. :)

December 31, 2017



My goal for 2018 to have 665 streak . Learn everyday on Duolingo. Thank you Duolingo Team!


Congratulations! You made it to the end of the year! And happy new year too!


My language goals for 2018 are:

1.- Complete the Danish, Norwegian, and maybe the Klingon and Haitian Creole trees (If released in 2018) (1.0)

2.- Get to level 15 in High Valyrian (1.0)

3.- Achieve Fluency in Greek and Romanian (2.0)

4.- Find a person who actually speaks Esperanto in my country (Peru) (2.0-3.0)

5.- Learn an indigenous language (Quechua, Cherokee, Aymara, Nahuatl, etc) (2.0)

Anyway, thanks for everything, and Happy New Year!

EDIT: Today, 1/1/2018, I finished my Swedish Tree! So, now I can remove that.


Wow these are some good resolutions. Buena suerte!


Buena Suerte a ti también, y Feliz Año Nuevo!


Feliz año nuevo!


You should definitely aim to complete Klingon, IMO :D Good luck with Romanian! I'd love to one day achieve fluency in a language, and I'd really like to study Romanian, so your goal's incredibly admirable. :)


Thanks! I'm working very hard to learn new things in Romanian, sometimes is very hard to find resources, but eventually I'll become fluent ;).

I've never watched Star Trek before, but I already know who some facts about Klingon. I mostly want to take the course because I like conlangs, and learn one can be very challenging, as they are very different to real languages.

Good luck to you too and Happy New Year!


(Edited after reading Usagi's follow up question).

Language goals for 2018:
1.0 Achievable goal: capture the Chinese owl (takes knowledge).
2.0 Challenging, not-so-confident-to-achieve goal: try to practice Chinese and ASL offline (takes courage).
3.0 Outer-space dream (or lifelong goal): write articles in Japanese and Chinese, and become a volunteer translator for the UN (takes both knowledge and courage).

Happy New Year to all fellow duolingoers


I have a lot of goals I'd like to work towards! Keeping a list of goals is always a great way to keep me motivated. :)

1.0 goals:
- finish my Welsh and Polish trees here on Duolingo
- finish the two textbooks I'm using to learn Latvian
- (if it's released) complete the Klingon tree

2.0 goals:
- read at least 10 books (written for learners) in Welsh
- read at least one book in Welsh that's not designed for learners, even if it's just a children's book
- keep a daily (or near-daily) journal in Welsh
- teach myself the higher-tier GCSE curriculum for Welsh

3.0 goals:
- read at least one book in Polish and Latvian
- (if the TLH course is released) try to translate an episode of Star Trek into Klingon!
- start attending Welsh classes - although this is more like a 5.0 goal ;) !

Good luck to everyone! I hope you've all had a good year, and I wish you success in all your endeavours in 2018, be they language-related or not. :)


My goal is to learn Latin and get fluent in that language. I also want to continue to learn Chinese because my Chinese skills have faded recently even though I have been studying it for 16 years.


I have no resolutions, just goals. One of my primary is creating 10 decks of 150 words for each and every language I currently and plan on covering on TinyCards. It'll be a long year of fun covering my favorite languages. ❤️ My other primary is continuing to learn my languages and also add Persian, primarily Farsi and Tajik. (I also plan on covering them in TinyCards.) I also want to formally start studying Finnish. I know the alphabet and some phrases, but I wanna really get into the nitty gritty. I also want to get better at Circassian and Kazakh. While I can easily get better at Kazakh due to my expertise with Turkic grammar, Circassian is going to be a true challenge. Honestly I have high hopes for 2018 and I hope I can achieve all my goals.


I wish you all the best for the year 2018!

1.0 I have already completed my Irish tree, but I would like to reach level 25. That's why I am going to spend a lot of time on it. Furthermore, I bought some Irish books to help me learn some more vocabulary and grammar.

2.0 I am going to start the Spanish tree and hopefully, I will have as much fun with it as with the Irish tree.

3.0 As for this goal, it is a bit more complicated. I hope, I will be able to to gain more confidence in myself and try actually to answer in some comments instead of just reading them and contemplating about participating.

Happy new year to all of you!




Ok, follow up question everyone:

What are your 1.0, 2.0, and3.0 language goals?
1.0 goals are ones you are easily confident you will achieve, like no doubt whatsoever. 2.0 goals are things you would like to achieve but are not sure you can due to the challenge. And 3.0 goals are actually outer-space dreams. If you haven't set any 1.0 goals, set some.

Give me details. :)


1.0 Finish Japanese Tree 2.0 Also Finish Hebrew Tree 3.0 Finish at least two other trees!


I want to reach B1 or B2 in Spanish, Korean, Finnish, or Arabic. Unfortunately, I have literally no idea which of those languages I'd rather do...

Also, a 100-day streak (almost there!), and maybe reaching level 25 in Japanese or finishing the English for Japanese speakers tree if I'm feeling ambitious.


1.0 goals: Finish my Hungarian, French, and Chinese trees, and start a new tree (Portuguese? Esperanto? Ukrainian? We'll have to see! Any suggestions?). Also, keep my RU↔EN trees golden.

2.0 goals: Achieve a B2 level in Russian. I'm currently between A2 and B1.

3.0 goals: Learn Quechua, find a Hungarian native speaker IRL, and write Duolingo posts in tolerable Russian.

Happy new year everyone! :)


My language goal is to complete the French learning tree and get 100% fluent in French


My language goals for 2018 are to get level 25 in French and complete all the skills on the Italian tree. Also, Happy New Year to everyone!!


My resolution for the new year is:


  1. Making 15 decks in Tinycards

  2. Finish 1 more course (Spanish or Chinese idk)

2.0: Become an alpha tester of another language

3.0: create a language xD

[deactivated user]

    1.0 Goals

    Continue learning my Spanish and Esperanto

    Continue strengthening my French

    2.0 Goals

    Reach level 25 in my English --French tree

    Reach level 25 in my French--English tree

    3.0 Goals

    Practice on Duolingo every day for the entire year.


    Let's see...

    1- Fluency in Italian

    2- Get at least to level 20 in Russian

    3- Start and complete the Japanese or Korean tree (I haven't decided yet)


    I think confidence goes a long way so let's call these all 1.0 goals :)


    My languages goals for 2018 are:

    • Complete the Italian, Greek and Chinese course
    • Get to HSK3 level on Chinese
    • Find someone who speaks Esperanto and practice it in my real life
    • Learn Czech (I have many reasons why I love the Czech Republic)
    • Get to B1 level on French


    Only two goals for me, both 1.0:
    to continue practicing TR, FR, ES, EN
    to have fun while doing so :)



    • finish my Japanese, Norwegian, German, Welsh, Esperanto, and Dutch trees
    • keep my streak for the full year
    • get at least one level 25


    • finish my Chinese, Hebrew, and Hindi (if released) trees.
    • gain fluency in German


    • become fluent in Welsh, Norwegian, and Dutch


    Great list! I'm especially amazed by the Hebrew one, I've tried the course a few times but it's just too hard for me, haha. Good luck with that one!

    How long have you been learning Welsh? I'd LOVE to be fluent one day (and hopefully move to a Welsh-speaking area of the country so I can use the language daily) but as I've only been learning for ~6 months, that'll be many, many years away. :P


    Thanks, Hebrew isn’t that hard once you get into it.

    I’ve been learning Welsh for around the same amount of time that you have. I hope to move to Wales also, but that will likely never happen.


    Fair enough - personally I've never been able to get past the whole let's-not-write-out-all-our-vowels thing. Very confusing.

    Wel, 'dw i'n gallu weld nawr pam mae dy ôl Cymraeg ar y trydydd lefel!

    Os does dim ots gyda ti - pam Cymraeg? Achos dwyt ti ddim yn byw yng Nghymru, 'dw i ddim yn credu bod hi'n basai'n ofnadwy o ddefnyddiol i ti. Wrth gwrs, mae achosion eraill i ddysgu iaith, heblaw defnyddioldeb! 'Dw i'n gofyn dim ond achos 'dw i'n chwilfrydig, haha.

    Fy hun, 'dw i'n ei dysgu hi achos Cymro 'dw i, felly ges i fy magu yn dysgu rhai o geiriau yn yr ysgol (ond roedd yn gas gyda fi wersi Cymraeg, roedden nhw mor ddiflas). Ond, pan dechreuais i'r cwrs hwn, dechreuais i garu'r iaith. 'Dw i'n falch o Gymraeg nawr, a gobeithio bydda i'n gallu wneud rhywbeth yn y dyfodol am helpu'r iaith. :)


    Complete the Japanese and French trees. Then focus on Spanish and German. Also, try out any language I have yet to try out.


    Those are some amazing goals to achieve! I have not really thought about my language goals so far.. But for now these are mine:

    My 1.0 goals

    1. Obtain a level B1/B2 in Spanish. I am doing a paid course at home as well, including an official exam at the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), so I hope I'll get there ASAP!

    2. I want to start reading Harry Potter in Spanish as well! My friend is reading them in French in order to maintain her skills, so all credits to her! :D

    3. Depending on where I'll start my Master degree (could be Sweden, Germany or somewhere else in Europe!), I want to reach level A2 at least! Though, I already know (quite) some Swedish and German, so that should not be too hard either.

    My 2.0 goals

    1. Obtain level 25 in Spanish here on Duolingo. Because I am using sources outside of Duo, I am not that motivated to keep on refreshing my skills on Duolingo. However, the crowns do help! ;)

    2. Finish at least one tree that I started a few years ago, but never managed to finish. When I found out about Duolingo, I started almost every available course (which were not that many; the built in courses and Dutch were available). So for me, it means I want to finish either Italian or German.

    My 3.0 goals

    1. I want to be fluent in Spanish. I'll probably not be ready for this in 2018, but maybe the year after! Or after that! :)

    2. I have got many friends in Europe, so I wish I would be able to speak at least some words in their native language! (Which will be hard - one of them is Finnish!)

    3. Speaking of Finnish - when I was a kid, and I was listening to Disney songs in different languages (I was interested in languages from quite a young age), I somehow got to a Finnish song. And I loved it! I loved it so much (mind me, I was like 10), I wanted to learn that language and reach a native level! Finnish started my language-learning, so I hope I'll be able to learn it eventually! :D


    My New Year Resolution is to study at least 10 minutes of Spanish daily and hence end the year with a 365-day streak. I think that's a 3.0 goal? But I'll try at least for the first three months. :)


    Learn Spanish or Portuguese and become fluent in French!


    1.0: Finish the Japanese tree

    1.0: Dabble in other languages that are new or in the incubator (if they come out) like Chinese, Arabic, and Haitian Creole

    2.0: Reach JLPT level N4 in Japanese

    2.0: Keep my current streak alive all year (including streak freezes)

    3.0: Do Duolingo every day (streak alive with no streak freezes)

    3.0: Use some of the languages I've studied on Duolingo in real life (most likely to use this year are Spanish or French)


    My goals:

    1) Achieve fluency in Spanish (or at least an advanced level)

    2) Reached an intermediate-advanced level in French

    3) Finish the Portuguese tree on Duolingo


    My goal is to finish the French tree, and start the Russian tree.

    Another language of mine that may not necessarily be carried out on Duolingo is to take my native language, Spanish, from conversational to near fluent.


    1.0: complete catalan, german & swedish trees. gild the spanish tree. complete german, spanish & swedish tinycards decks. read 3 novels in german & 3 novels in spanish.

    2.0: gild catalan, german & swedish trees. get level 13 in hebrew. complete the russian tree. gild the russian tinycards deck.

    3.0: read a book in swedish. complete the norwegian tree. get level 9 in greek.

    1. Complete German Tree (1.0) (I plan to complete it in January)
    2. "Re-goldenize" all Italian skills (1.0)
    3. Start a new Tree (1.0)
    4. Finish that new tree (2.0)
    5. Reach Level 25 in Italian (1.0)
    6. "Re-goldenize" another tree (Spanish, French, Portuguese, &/or Swedish) (2.0)
    7. Reach a good conversational level in German (2.0)
    8. Reach fluency in Italian (3.0)


    1.0 Goals

    • (Level Goals) Level 25 German, Level 20 Dutch, Level 20 Spanish, Level 15 Japanese
    • (Tree Goals) Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Swahili trees completed

    2.0 Goals

    • Achieve B2 fluency in Spanish and German; admittedly, I should be here already given my access to native Spanish speakers and my goal of studying in Germany for graduate school in Fall 2019
    • Get to JLPT N3 fluency in Japanese

    3.0 Goals

    • Finish construction of my a posteriori language that's meant to fit into the Germanic language family
    • Make significant progress on my a priori language meant to combine elements from the Afro-Asiatic, Austroasiatic, Austronesian, and Dravidian language families


    2 years later and funnily enough, the goals I didn't at all get to were my 1.0 ones haha

    I'm B2 in German and Spanish, have nearly finished that Germanic conlang and made progress on the other; it's a trip to come back to this discussion and evaluate where I am in language learning and life now

    Happy 2020 to anyone who'll see this ^-^

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