Does anyone want to learn Kyrgyz?

It is one of the official languages of Kyrgyzstan, and is also spoken in China, Afghanistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan. It would be a very interesting language to learn, but Duolingo does not have this course. If anyone knows Kyrgyz, it would be great if you apply to contribute!

December 31, 2017


Y E S!!! Turkic languages are one of my favorite language families. Kyrgyz is one of them. i would absolutely love to learn Kyrgyz on Duolingo. Not to mention, the flag sprite on the forums would look great. ❤️

December 31, 2017

yes I would love to

February 15, 2018

мен де :)

February 19, 2018

I am studying Kyrgyz right now, it's quite difficult but interesting language! I support your cause :)

November 14, 2018

i would love that

January 7, 2019

Yes. I would like to see Kyrgyz on Duolingo.

August 3, 2019


March 9, 2019
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