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Lingots for stories? Lingots für Geschichten?

I have been gone from Duolingo for almost 2 years. I cannot find any forum to practice expressing myself in writing in a foreign language, and I miss the translating community and feedback.

Ich war seit fast zwei Jahren von Duolingo gegangen. Ich kann kein Forum finden, in das kann ich mich schriftlich ausdrücken in einer anderen Sprache üben. Ich vermisse die übersetzende Gemeinde und Rückmeldung. Tut mir Leid für meine Fehler.

December 31, 2017



cool explain what u mean


It's gone forever dude. Duolingo removed it almost half a year ago if I'm not wrong because small percentage of people are were using it. Since you were gone for two years. You'd notice countless of changes now.


Welcome back. ...There are short stories in labs (without lingots). Have fun! : )

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