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Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 52 [DISCUSSION]

Just thought I'd make this considering that the original post is locked from discussion and last week someone else did this.

December 31, 2017



It's good to see that Hindi's nearing completion after such a long time! Still desperately waiting for the Klingon bug(s) to be fixed, though. ;_;

I wonder what the first new course of the new year will be? I'll be so happy if it's tlhIngan <3

EDIT: What's with the downvotes on this discussion? Ever since the WIUs were locked it's been pretty standard for someone to create a discussion post each week.


When Klingon's bugs are fixed, I will be ecstatic. Klingon is the course that I want most that is in the Incubator.


Arabic needs some progress!


نعم فعلا!


Totally does. They're waiting on finding another contributor though, an MSA expert.


I think it is making progress but it is not appearing in the course progress bar.


My god, Hindi has advanced a lot in this week! So excited!


I'm so excited for Hindi!


I’m so excited for Hindi! I hope it will be released very soon!

Also, if Indonesian, Arabic, Yiddish, and Haitian Creole are released in 2018 too I will be very happy! I would turn down a Finnish course either. :)


:O Is it due out the 4th of January or 1st of April?

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