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Can we get new things in the shop?

I've seen this being asked quite often, and I've thought of some ideas for it. With some pictures.
We should have GIFs in the shop, priced at around 5-10 lingots to use in posts or comments. To prevent spam, you would have to buy another one after using it. Here's a picture idea:
(Showing GIFs button)
NUMBER 2... Coloured writing
To add a bit of flair to our posts/comments, we should have a 'color writing' button. Picture:
(Showing coloured writing button)


What do you think? Upvote to get it to the popular section and maybe this can turn real! If you have your own idea, comment it, ad, if you can, show us all a picture!!

December 31, 2017



It's a good idea but I think people could already just send GIFs if they wanted to


You can already embed GIFS. Just saying. But I support your other idea!


These ideas are bomb!


At this moment I don't care for Lingots either, mostly because I'm here to learn a language but also because there is nothing I want to spend them on. Don't know what would be a good idea though and to be honest, colored text and emojis won't do much for me.

At this stage I'll just use them to mark someone's post as especially useful.


Good ideas. GIFs and color writing aren't worth spending Lingots for me, but I don't have much to buy with them so little ideas like these are not bad starts. This community needs a better economy. :-)

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