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Duolingo Plus is a complete ripoff - beware!

I should never have agreed to get Duolingo Plus for a year. Yes, it is ad free - but: Now there are regular requests for more money to get 'Health' whenever I make 3 mistakes in the course of an evening's lessons.

So if I want to continue practicing and trace my mistakes, I have to pay additional fees to continue, or I must wait a day to study again. F**k ing ridiculous.

With free Duolingo, this never happened. I had no idea the Duolingo team were such rip-off artists!

December 31, 2017



Unfortunately health is a feature - it's not removed by Plus. AFAIK you only get an ad-free experience and the ability to download lessons offline on mobile. If you hate the feature, just use the browser site instead - it's what I do, the app's basically unusable with the hearts IMO.


Thxs...Wish I had know this before spending my cash!


Worst of all: I paid for 12 MONTHS against my better judgement to try things first, because I trusted them and their goals.


I am curious what platform you are using. I got Duoligo Plus a week or two ago and I make plenty of mistakes and I have never had a request for 'Health'. I am using Mac OS and IOS.


So many people loathe “health” - which incidentally is a feature in the app with or without Plus - that I suspect they are doing an AB test to see if they should remove it. It’s why I personally will not use the app.


I use Duolingo at odd times...Waiting for the airplane, before going to bed, etc. So this feature is REALLY irritating. I am an adult, and I decide myself if I should or can continue studying something at any given moment. Having an app control this for me is absurd beyond belief....


Stop using the app and start using the mobile site.


The only time I've ever had health and gems was when I was beta testing Korean. It's really weird. I haven't come across anyone else who's managed to basically completely avoid it.

Granted, I've mostly been working on completed trees, but I have also been dabbling in others, certainly have done plenty of new lessons in various languages. I'm still on lingots and don't have the health feature ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don't have a clue if I'm part of an a/b test or what.

You'll be glad to know I do regularly use the app for ease and convenience when it's appropriate, so if I am part of a test, my engagement will be in good shape!


Also OSX and iPhone...Never had 'Health' issues until I got the Plus version App.


Plus didn't give you hearts. That's an A/B feature you were selected for.


Are you saying that only PLUS members are subjected to the A/B testing, or that it was just coincidence that Rushwarp was selected for A/B testing at the same time he became a PLUS member? Hopefully a moderator will clarify this.

I was considering becoming a PLUS member, but now I have concerns that Duolingo will not function correctly if I do.


I got plus with the Christmas discount, largely because I want to support Duolingo's work and I could afford it at that price.

I have never had health/gems (except while beta testing Korean), and still don't - nothing has changed for me on the app or the website except the ability to download lessons and the lack of adverts.

It would undoubtedly be infuriating to be put into the health half of an a/b test just after having paid for plus, but yeah, it was almost certainly a coincidence. If purchasing plus also meant getting health, there would be a looooot of posts about it.


Thank you flootzavut.


Am a plus member now for 40 somewhat days following the chinese course and up until now reading this, I never heard of the “health” feature! Believe me, I do make plenty of mistakes as a Dutchman learning Chinese via English on my iPhone as well as, iPad and iMac! Never had to pay additional fees to continu anything, ever! I don’t have any complaints about DuoLingo Plus, my subscription is for a 6 months period! I do hope your problems get solved maybe even without the cursing!


The health and being a plus subscriber are not related.



1) Throw away your IOS device - IOS = DuoLingo's lovely "test A/B platform" and better use the web app (no health/gems there; typing!!!)


2) test the Android app.

Personally I never have seen health on Android (I sometimes used it on an emulator; I also run and manage "Clubs", so I am well aware what this app provides).

However it might be that the staff has launched a few BETA tests for some user accounts on Android as well (some rare complains were on 2-3 threads).
Maybe worth a try....

You IMHO can't learn (or even effectively review without typing and RECALLING) a language by tapping.


I agree! I was going to donate but didn't. I lost my streak of 407 days because i said no thank you to $16.99 for something of other. When will Duolingo explain there actions? Thank you for fore warning me as I was thinking of buying Duolingo Plus.


What they are complaining about has nothing to do with Plus.


Use an adblocker - that gets rid of ads for free. I proudly do so, and frankly don't care how Duolingo feels.


Seeing the direction Duolingo has been going, I use one as well.


The ads aren't very intrusive, though.


I didn't realize you get "health" when you subscribe to Duolingo Plus. Thanks for the tip!


I think the idea of health is helpful. why? because if you don't have health you could keep failing and never learn. but I must agree the fact that my health is finished and I can't play gets me angry. but I don't think the duo lingo's team are rip-offs

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