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My New Year resolution to not maintain my streak

I’ve decided to actually make a New Years resolution, for the first time in years. After reading Fluent in Three Months, I have set small, short term goals for learning languages, with quite a bit of success. Some people play Sudoku to relax, I study languages that I don’t need to study. The lack of external pressure made even the most challenging of these goals still remain stress free.

I’ve been putting off setting a goal for Spanish for a while. It is, by far, the most useful for me to learn. I teach Latin during the school year, but English during the summers. My Spanish is basic and passable, but really needs to be polished.

Spanish conversational skills are what I need most in my life. I have a practice partner, a lawyer in Colombia, who is very forgiving of my busy schedule. That makes him worth his weight in gold to me. The first part of my resolution is to have an hour conversation with him weekly, for the next three months.

As a teacher, taking graduate level classes (15 credits worth) can give me a small raise. I found an affordable Spanish class online, but I’ve been putting it off. Part of me is afraid I’ll be in over my head and waste quite a bit of money. The second part of my resolution will be to sign up for the class. Once I’m in I’ll have no choice but to rise to the occasion.

And this is where my streak comes in. I was starting to wonder if maintaining my streak was taking away from other areas that really needed my attention. The streak was comfortable and easy to do. Benny Lewis said that if you’re guaranteed to reach your goal, you aren’t setting it high enough. So the third part of my resolution is to remove Duolingo from my daily routine, and that includes dabbling in other languages.

I'd love to hear your feedback. Is anyone else setting language goals for their resolution?

December 31, 2017



I think this is wise. There are many other avenues to learning, and if you want to develop real facility then doing the same lessons over and over probably isn’t the way.

I gave up my streak a year ago and just read Italian instead. It was a good tool.

My only NYE language resolution is to practice Japanese every day, but DL is only part of that.


At this point, I'm using the Speed Review to improve my spelling and typing in Spanish. I sometimes would maintain my streak by spending a week on Portuguese, German, or Esperanto.


Yeah! I am setting a goal for myself. In 2018, I want to complete the whole German tree and start the reverse and in French I want to finish it and finish also the reverse tree.


Will you be doing those side by side or one after another?


I intend to improve my fluency in Turkish this year. I started learning Turkish with Duolingo, and it has been incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, I am no longer learning anything new from keeping my tree gold. This year, I will be moving on to other resources which will allow me to target my weaknesses (listening and speaking) and to improve my vocabulary through reading and writing.


Have you tried Memrise's Turkish courses? They focus on phrases for speaking. You could easily skip parts 1 and 2, and perhaps 3.


I'm trying to set goals myself. I already made a whole list in the other thread but my main goals are to keep track of my progress on Duolingo, reach level 25 in Spanish and 20 in Swedish and hopefully finish 2 trees. Once I get comfortable enough I will start to seriously pick up some other languages I've been dabbling in and maybe add one more to my list.

The Welsh tree has some new lessons and so I might only finish my Italian tree but I'll learn Welsh more effectively now. I also can't wait for the Spanish for Italian tree!


I wont be keeping my streak when the time comes to move on to reach higher levels of Spanish. Might stop in to gold everything out at first but eventually should be way past everything here.

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