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Le Livre Blanc - Good French Books for Beginners

So, I am starting a literature blog called Le Livre Blanc which has all sorts of literature reviews.

I want to also feature some French books for beginners (like on my Duolingo level and lower) for people trying to learn French.

Do you know any good French books for beginners?

The books can be in any format - be it graphic novel/comic book, regular prose, poetry, even an audiobook.

December 31, 2017



I think good French book for beginners is "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; and a good comic "Asterix".

This is a great web page to learn French, they have a lot of digital books: http://apprendre.tv5monde.com/?utm_source=tv5monde&utm_medium=metanav&utm_campaign=langue-francaise_apprendre-le-francais (TV5).


I recommend Le Petit Nicolas. The stories are short and charming and the vocabulary is not overly complicated for a beginner. It is written from the perspective of a child around the 1950s.

For comic books, you might like to check out Cédric or Le Petit Spirou, both of which I recommend. I've started the series Lady S., which I'm enjoying greatly, but that is probably more at an intermediate level. You can also google "BD (bandes dessinées) French" to find more titles that would interest various ages. There is a LOT out there!

Happy reading!


*Le Petit Nicolas is great! Merci beaucoup!


You're welcome! Enjoy.


My advice is to read books that you already read in English, regardless of the difficulty. If you know the story already, it's easy to follow.


I would like to suggest a play, specifically an absurdist play, called "La leçon" by Eugène Ionesco. It is good for beginners.

It's a big part of many beginning French curricula in universities, including mine. It's the first piece of French literature I read in its entirety (only 30 pages) besides poems. And the play is still performed very frequently in France. YouTube provides plenty of complete performances. If you're interested, here's a PDF copy to read: http://www.eduhi.at/dl/TH_LaLecon_neu.pdf


I found a bit of time to sit down and read this play tonight. That was... quite different. It would be intriguing to actually watch the professor and his hapless student transform over the course of "the lesson." Perhaps another day. I'm bemused by the reaction of the resigned maid at the end, oh my!

Thanks for sharing.


You're welcome. Yes, it's weird, for lack of a better word. This is how "J'ai mal aux dents" got stuck in my brain for awhile.


This sounds like a great idea. A couple of graphic novels that my instructor used recently are:

L’enfant cachée (Dauvillier 2012) Le Chat du rabbin - 6 volumes (Sfar, 2002-15)

Good luck!


I am reading Le Petit Nicolas and really enjoy it. The vocab is quite OK for a beginner. I was lucky enough to find this book in a very cute secondhand bookshop in France last summer. Sometimes I use this website: http://www.languageguide.org/french/readings/ There is not a lot to choose from, but the audio is really helpful.


I was actually going to ask this question on here lol! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

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