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May I write to a fellow Duolingo who is following me and vice versa?

It would be useful to communicate

December 31, 2017



Sadly, that feature was taken away a while back. I'm hoping it comes back in the future though.


oh i don't remember it, when?


It's been a while ago (around a year ago? Not sure.). People who I follow used to be able to contact me, but Duolingo got a big update and it all stopped.


I agree entirely. It would be useful to communicate and it was really lovely when we could swap greetings, stories, cultural tidbits, and otherwise interact with native speakers, friends, on Duolingo. I miss that a lot...

I too am hopeful that some sort of feature allowing communication comes back. Otherwise, it makes little sense to be able to follow people and to have followers. As long as that remains, I will stay hopeful.


I'd like this tool returned, but it all depends from the administrators. I used this tool for a long time and it was useful.

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