"Ich bin Lukas. Ich bin Student."

Translation:I'm Lukas. I'm a university student.

December 31, 2017

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My problem with this sentence is that 'university student' is not necessary the correct translation. 'I'm Lukas. I'm a student.' Should also be correct, in my opinion.


The audio is not usable: "Ich bin Klugis. Ich bin Student." If you never answered to it (wrong) before, it could mean "I am clever. ..." with a trailing "is" or it could be a person's (strange) name. Slow repetition did not help either.

In another question today, I had already understood "Matz", when "Max" was requested. (Both are proper German names.) It is sad, that wrongly pronounced personal names are treated as errors.


Thank you! I thought I was going crazy. Only while typing "Klugas" did I realize it was probably Lukas. Luckily I guessed right. But that audio needs to be changed.


Ich bin Lukas. Ich bin Student... why not accepted?


Ich bin Lukas. Ich bin Student... why not accepted?

Impossible to say. Do you have a screenshot? If so, then please show it to us -- upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL of the image. Thank you!


You need word "universitat"

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