Happy New Year !!

Everyday practice is extremely important in learning English. We all know the old rule: if you want to achieve something - just do it every day. Pretty simple to say and pretty hard to do when you start. But not impossible.

Do not tell me that 'every day' rule has no sense because it is life, so many other important things and blah-blah-blah ...

The true reason why 'has no sense' is that you are lazy. You may lie to other people (we all do so). But please, do not lie to yourself.

If everyday learning is really hard for you - go to your settings, choose 10 points per day for your daily plan - and make it simpler. Even if your continual line of x-days is lost or you have finished all lessons - just start again! Practice more to become perfect in it!

So, Happy New Year! And in 2018 have a good time with Duolingo EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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That's very sad if you only count on Duolingo to learn English this way. Life's too short to spend time on elementary things to squeeze 10 points per day. At least 20 =) Аnyways, Happy New Year!

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Firstly, Duolingo was created exactly for elementary level. I have heard it said that "getting to the end of the tree on Duolingo (and repeating it) would probably make you a B1 in reading and maybe writing, but less (A2 or A1) in speaking and listening".

So, second, 10-20 points per day - that's a start point.

And third, if you do your plan every day, it will be impossible to stick with 10-20 points per day:) You will progress anyway. Having 254-days continual line - you have to know that:)

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Hi! 254 days Duolingo has disciplined me to learning English... elsewhere. But it's very good reminder system — time to study, lazy stump, or you'll loose all progress.

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Of course! If Duolingo becomes too simple for a student, - he will be moving forward to B1 and so on, and be learning a language elsewhere.

I think you didn't understand my article ("Happy New Year"). Because there is no logic between this article and your words: "That's very sad if you only count on Duolingo to learn English this way".

Where I wrote that I count only on Duolingo? That's strange ... Besides, the article was written for BEGINNERS, which make their first steps. I thought that was clear from the text. For example: "pretty hard to do when you start", "choose 10 points per day for your daily plan" ...

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Probably, you did not understand my irony about «10 points per day» and «At least 20». Especially as advice to a novice.

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Yea!! You are right) We are lazy people.

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ееееууууууууммммммм ном ном

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