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  5. Happy new year!!


Happy new year!!

happy new year everyone!!! to celebrate the new year I will propose a challenge. lets all try to reach a total of 100 XP today!! :) if no one wants to join thats fine. but hopefully u will want to join ;)

December 31, 2017



I will join! Although I've already smashed that)) How about everyday 100XP?))



What date does the 'today' thing go for: the 31st or the 1st?

If it's for the 31st, then I sort of missed the deadline about an hour ago... Happy New Year btw ;)


I guess the 31st. Like in NY they have a big celebration at 12 o'clock for new years.


Yes, but as it is stated in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Time is an illusion, and lunchtime doubly so." When it's 12 o'clock in NY, what's on your clock?

I mean, don't they (the local they) have a big celebration at 12 o'clock in every time zone around the globe, which makes the "today" thing a little bit confusing? ;)


thats a good idea... but for how long? I'm already doing a XP contest and I don't want duolingo staff members getting on my case about it


Happy new year but I've already gotten my 497 XP today xD


Hi happy new year to you to! Have good new year!


I will try to make +500XP because I'm in a XP contest. The problem will be to get this goal the resting 30 days of the month!!! lol Btw, happy new year! ;)


Happy new year!

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