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2018 French goals

New year's Eve where I am, though for some is 2018. Happy New Year!

I'm not one to set New Year resolutions but I do believe that if one aims low one is very unlikely to achieve high, so I like to aim high and reassess as needed.

So my En-Fr tree is finished but no longer all golden. I've abandoned the goal of keeping it all golden while working on the Fr-En tree.

I have struggled in the last 5 weeks due to health issues. Following an operation I had 48 hours while at home in all-consuming pain which somehow scrambled my brain and I had to largely withdraw from everything. Extreme pain seems to have the ability to do strange things to cognition. 6 months ago my progress was hindered by something called Transient Global Amnesia which occurred following an operation then and my cognition seemed to be affected following that for about 3 months. I had hoped to get lots of French done while convalescing, but, alas, it was not possible. We are not able to control the environment affecting our goals.

This week my brain seems to have switched back on again so I have copied and pasted into one document all the info on verbs in the Hints and Tips. I am gradually going through it. This is in order to get to the subjunctive, which I had hoped to get to prior to Christmas. 2018 is another year and I will do it. I am just amazed at how much information there is here. Well done all those who contributed! Thank you.

Meanwhile stories have turned up and I want to look at these. So my goal of keeping trees golden have gone out of the window, but I do aim to look at the stories.

And, as I mentioned in another thread, I have other French-related goals on my way to learning French.

Thanks again to all who make DL what it is.

December 31, 2017



Hi happy new year to you too! Have good one!

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