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Japanese course not teaching much!

I've been taking the Japanese course and have become disappointed in the way the material is being presented. You are presented 4 pictures chose from to match a word, but you have never seen the word associated with a picture beforehand.

There is no explanation of words like "wo" or "to" in a sentence, but you're expected to know how to translate them.

Tried the Tiny Cards app but there are no explanations as to what the words are! What is "eki"? "Ane"? These "flash cards' need to be 3-sided: the word, the pronunciation, and a pictograph that helps define the meaning.

Because of the way this is designed, I won't be looking at the Chinese course!

December 31, 2017



I think the Japanese course is fine. I use outside resources to help me. I have one and learned a lot from it. Japanese is pretty hard to grasp because its nothing like English. This is also in an early stage so they don't have explanations for everything. I would recommend using lingodeer alongside this to help you. Lingodeer is only for Asian languages such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese

Edit: But with the tinycards issue, they combine the words together so you can have experience reading multiple hiragana. I've used it to help refresh myself on the hiragana or katakana. I think it's a good idea and you learn what some of them mean in later lessons.


Duolingo isn't a one stop shop and shouldn't be treated as such.


The Chinese course is just fine.

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