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Language Targets for 2018!

22:31 GMT 31/12/17

Wow, I've been here for about 8 months I'd say, and the results are amazing.

I have become an Intermediate in the Russian language, and am close to mastering the hardest cases! I have learned a decent amount of German, and I can muster a decent conversation. In the last 4 days I have found a new love for American culture, so am learning Spanish so I can further communicate with America's Spanish Population!

My Targets are too:

Learn Russian to fluency and take my GCSE.

Learn German to fluency and take my GCSE.

Learn Spainish to an Intermediate level and eventually take my GCSE.

I know it's a long shot, but I can do it!

December 31, 2017



Each month I have a goal to grow in one language. I will record the start and finish scores for the month on the screen you get when you click on my duolingo name, Carptoon. I predict that we will all be amazed by the fast progress. (or maybe disappointed, oh well)


Das ist ausgezeichnet und отлично! (Excellent!) Lots of luck to you in your studies and the GCSE (but with your attitude, I think your hard work is going to suffice and you won't really need the luck - so just consider this as me sending you some good vibes).

For me, right now my main goal is to get all the way through the German tree by the end of January 2018, then work to make it golden by mid-year, with regular "time outs" to do things like listen to ndr.de/info, read dw.com or magazines from one of my favorite bookstores downtown, or watch ard.de or zdf.de in order to try to get a better feel for the language, the culture, and Europe in general.

After that, I'm thinking about dabbling in Japanese, just to try something different. I learned some Russian давным давно (long, long ago) in college but never did learn how to type it (we wrote long-hand back then); there are lots of Russian speakers around to keep me in verbal practice though.


My goals for 2018:

1) Achieve fluency/an advanced level in Spanish

2) Achieve an intermediate-advanced level in French

3) Finish the Portuguese tree in Duolingo

4) Get a level 8-9 in my French and Spanish GCSEs


My goals for this year are:

  • Learning Slovenian to a level that I can communicate on a basic level this summer when I'm going to Slovenia for holiday
  • Improve my Czech, no specific goals, maybe finally finish the tree

And of course to improve my other languages (Norwegian, Italian) as well, by immersing in the language online (reading newspapers, listening to radio). :)


I think you should try Russian, if you get that then you can understand most of the Slavic languages at basic level, but also red Cyrillic which is used in all of Eastern Europe and Central Asia))


Ok, I'll play too:

  1. (Outside duolingo) Get the official CAE in english, finally.

  2. Get the level 25 in Italian and French courses (for spanish and english speakers, respectively).

  3. Get a conversational level in French (with a B1 I would be so happy).

  4. (Outside duolingo) Unofficially or officially, get the C1 in Italian.

  5. Get level 20 in Portuguese (for english speakers).

  6. Get level 15 in Polish and German (for english speakers).

  7. Play around with languages such as Korean or Swedish, but nothing serious.

  8. And the hard one: practice everyday!!


I am American here. Most Spanish people don't like it if you speak the Spain dialect of Spanish. Not saying it's hard though. i been surrounded by Spanish speakers from Maine to Florida. They are everywhere.


What dialect do they prefer?


Mostly the Mexican/ Latin American dialect. That's the one they speak in most countries.


yeah 'll be doing that one


Almost half of the stuff made is translated in Spanish. Sometimes there are some translate in French atleast on the east side due to our neighbor Quebec.


Trying out Chinese and will try to finish the tree ( currently in beta).


Главное, чтобы всё это пригодилось, а не было пустой тратой времени в итоге.


Awesome, nice choice in languages too! :) my goals are to complete the Czech and Chinese trees, finally become conversational in Finnish and Hungarian and start Karelian (learned the alphabet, but still haven't learned many words).

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