"The children are drinking juice."

Translation:Die Kinder trinken Saft.

December 31, 2017

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Remind me about Die vs Den? Die is also plural but den is the plural of der?


Die is the plural for every gender. Den is the accusative case of the singular Der. As in: "Das ist der Apfel", but "Ich esse den Apfel".


Why's 'die kinder sind trinken saft wrong'?


Why's 'die kinder sind trinken saft wrong'?

  • Kinder and Saft are nouns and have to be capitalised
  • sind does not belong in that sentence; the present tense is simply trinken

You can't add an extra helping verb that doesn't belong in there; die kinder sind trinken saft is as wrong as "the cHILDREN do are drinking jUICE".


Please explain why 'die kinder trinken saft' is right while 'die kinder trinkt saft ' is incorrect.


Please explain why 'die kinder trinken saft' is right

It isn't.

It has to be die Kinder trinken Saft with capital K and S.

die Kinder is plural, so you use the verb from trinken like in sie trinken (they are drinking).

das Kind is singular so you would say das Kind trinkt like es trinkt (it is drinking).

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