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Help with Korean

Does anyone have any tips to remember the characters and/or phrases in Korean? I'm having a bit of trouble.

January 1, 2018



Use the info as soon as possible. While learning hangul try writing your name, your friends' names, find words that you can write. Anything. I read that if you only read through lists of words your brain is going to use the information the same way it does with grocery lists etc. Doesn't find it important and gets ready to throw it away as soon as possible. But if you use the information, write it down, say it out loud, google it, hear someone say it, your brain's going to realize that this info is something that you encounter a lot. Reaction like that makes it easier for your mind to archive that info for later use which means remembering :)

For vocab I have found it easier to draw the things on a paper or in a small notebook rather than writing them down. People are quite visual creatures, most of us usually remember faces better than names, covers better than the names of the books and so on. So drawing is a great way to connect the vocab words straight to your own ideas of that word rather than to translations that connect to the ideas. Get what I mean?

One way is to use mnemonics - patterns that help you to remember the words. For example 침대 (chimdae) means 'a bed' and when I first saw the word someone had attached a picture of a chimp sleeping in a bed right next to it. And I still remember it because for a very long time if I had to remember the word I always remembered the picture first and realized: "Oh yeah! It was almost like 'a chimp' but not quite...". When you have almost forgotten something but still manage to remember it, the rewarding reaction is so satisfying that it'll boost learning and that is when mnemonics are really helpful: they kinda provide a secret door to that memory and you don't have to find it on your own, they kinda give you the tools to remember the word even when it's already fading away.


For me, I remember the alphabet as pictures (i.e. create mnemonics) in addition to words using the method Feikkisieni suggested! For example, ㅎ= a hat! Circle = head, boxy lines = hat ㅁ = a map, imagine the square with squiggles of rivers and an X inside. ㅍ= I heard this from a content creator but can't remember his name (believe the infographic was called "read Korean in 15 minutes) and he says remember it as a "part two," since it looks like the Roman numeral 2 and of course makes a p/b sound. Create mnemonics to the rest that work well for you personally. Sadly, most of the vowels can't really be memorized this way, but a helpful hint is that it can kind of resemble the shape your mouth and/or tongue makes when saying it aloud. The vowel ㅜ, for example--the top of the letter running left and right look like your lips a little, and the line going down looks like your tongue positioned low in your mouth. Try this out and practice by reading Konglish and you'll improve.


Thats what I do also

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