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What are your new years resolutions for learning langauges?

2017 was a terrible year for me. Some of my friends left me, bullies in school, etc. I hope 2018 is going to be better, (I honestly think it's going to be not). I have only 2 goals for Duolingo. One of which is to not lose interest in French. And the other one is to learn Spanish (but mostly it's French that I want to learn). You know me, I am off-track, lazy, and lacking in self-confidence. I really wish that I could complete these language goals this new year because this will be my first time actually completing an actual goal!

January 1, 2018



I'm going to work on my Italian!


Good luck! I hope you make it :)


My biggest goal is to finish my German tree, hopefully before my streak hits three hundred and sixty-five days. :)


You can make it! You are almost there!


You ARE a very cool kids, bon courage !!!

[deactivated user]

    I would start by making learning a part of your routine. For example, when you first get out of bed, grab your phone and complete a lesson. It takes less than 5 minutes. Do the same thing before you go to bed. Make a lesson what you do before sleeping. Another 5 minutes or less. It might seem weird, but do a lesson when you're in the bathroom. Why not? It is wasted time otherwise. What about during meals? I like to do a lesson while eating a sandwich (I turn off speaking temporarily). If you make learning a part of your day and manage to make it minimally intrusive, you'll find that you are learning while hardly even breaking a sweat! That doesn't even cover days when you're motivated! On those days I talk to natives. I complete more lessons. I attend meetups. Interest in a language has ebbs and flows - it comes and goes. Make it part of a routine when you're feeling less than motivated and it will help keeping you interested when you really feel like learning! Bonne chance!


    D'accord! I will use Duolingo when I have times to spare! I will also talk to natives sometime! Merci beaucoup! :)


    Your streak, French Spanish levels, and the number of languages you are learning - all show the evidence of your learning method. Keep it going :)

    After I lost my 565+ streak recently due to a glitch, and also finished the tree, I wasn't really keen on language learning. I will definitely try your method out to keep my motivation up!


    One of the most important tips to sticking to resolutions is your mindset. Think that you are - and you will - finish your goal. It will help you be more self-confident. You can also change your mindset about the other things that are bothering you - and hopefully, your year will go much better! The first step? Be optimistic!

    And a great thing I have seen - and experienced myself - about language resolutions related to Duo (eg. finish tree, reach X level, etc.) is that they are reached most of the times - with just a tidbit everyday. So good luck on your resolutions!

    My resolution this year is to watch a French movie and read a French book. (I finished the tree, which was my last year's goal). Simple, but I have lots of other college-related work to do, too, so I may take time.

    PS - You obviously are a cool kid - you are a language learner! That's pretty cool, right?


    Aw thanks for the advice! I'm sure that I will be very optimistic! Merci beaucoup!

    PS - I'm not one of those "cool kids" (it's from a song, Cool Kids by Echosmith). Sometimes the cool kids are snobs and bullies who try to get some attention. They make fun of me of my gender, the weight of my body, etc. Just listen to the song, you'll get it.


    I see - I have heard that song before. I must have simply talked on the basis of your profile picture, sorry. Whatever it be, I hope this year goes smoother for you :)

    You are already on your way to optimism - your replies to others' comments on this post are very kind, optimistic, and supportive!

    Bonne chance !


    It's alright, thank you for your support! :D


    Google Wim Hof; deep breathing and cold will change your life.

    Of all the languages that I've tried, I really like Hungarian and Ukrainian because they have the right mix of beauty and difficulty to keep the brain satisfied.

    You should explore a little and find a language that speaks to your heart.


    Alrighty, I'll give both languages a try, thank you! :D


    Try Esperanto! While it is definitely easier than Hungarian, it will connect with your French and Spanish in cool ways and it's cool how it is one of the most successful constructed langauges


    Well, this year is 2018 and i will learn Japanese because I like Japan very much.


    Japanese is a hard language to master, I'm sure you will be proficient!


    I started learning French today!


    Bonne chance! (good luck!)

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