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Did the streak bonus stop working?

I've noticed twice now that I haven't gotten a streak bonus for my multiples of ten. I'm at 260 days today and didn't get it, and the notifications button on the desktop site only shows a bonus at 240 days. I've only been using the app recently, so maybe that's why?

January 1, 2018



I think it's the App. In my case I didn't get the 260-day streak bonus on the App, but I did get the 270 on the browser version. Then my 280 was not awarded again either. I also noticed the App was extremely slow last time; not only did I not get the streak bonus (280), but the XPs I earned took also hours to be updated in the clubs.

Then again, it's not like they're of any use anyway...


Yeah, I wish there was a better purpose for them. After you buy both outfits and the two bonus lessons (where was the Christmas lesson this year, by the way???), the only thing they're good for is streak freezes


This has been happening to multiple people recently and I'm guessing that it might be another A/B test, although I don't know for sure.

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I missed out on the last two ten-day bonuses as well, to the tune of 147 lingots lol. I will test the app/web theory next week.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, same here... didn't get any 10-day streak bonus for the last couple of times where I should have. Then again I have way too many and nothing to do with them... Lingots are cool to keep you interested in the first couple of months of doing the course, but once you reach a certain level they become irrelevant.


    not for me any more


    seems to be a new bug. I got mine today, but let's wait for next time. Take some of my lingots as a new year's gift ;-)


    Every day a new bug. ;-) ...I wish you all a happy new year. : )

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