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  5. "Each of the apples is sweet."

"Each of the apples is sweet."

Translation:사과들은 각각 달아요.

January 1, 2018



Why can't it be "모든 사과들은 달아요"?


it's the difference between they each are sweet and they all are sweet.


각각 can be st the front. I don't understand why they don't accept this.


Well, it can be but in fact the word 각각 can be one of noun and adverb.
Therefore the usage is different by the word before.

Before Noun: 각각의 + ...
e.g. 각각의 사과들은 달아요.

Before verb or something like that : 각각(sometimes it can be replaced with 따로따로) + ...
e.g. 사과들은 각각 달아요.


Very helpful.


If you put 각각 after 사과 do you put 는/은 on 사과 or 각각?


Duolingo keeps switching the order, which makes it annoying.


각각 달다는 말은 부자연스러워요 그냥 달아요


들 shouldn't be placed on anything other than people or animals right?


I don't know. I never learned that rule. My teacher tells me I don't NEED to use 들; I can just use the noun friend or person and let the context tell someone it is plural. (so confusing)


Where do you go for lessons? Just wondering since I don't have a real teacher and am looking to possibly get one.


When I first came to Seoul, I went to Onnuri Church near Seobingo Station (or go to Ichon Station and take exit 4 and walk across a small road and a big road. Then take any green bus. It will go under a bridge and come up and stop across from the brick church.) They give free Korean lessons every Saturday from 11 AM to 1:10 PM. You pay for your books and you pay a small fee for a snack and the board markers. I studied there for 7 years. Then I started paying a private tutor at my church so I could learn faster. This year I added another tutor from my church. She just teaches me conversational expressions and culture.


7 years, wow! You may know Korean perfectly!!:)


I wish! 7 years on Saturdays only and then 2 years on Tues/Thurs is NOT a fast way to learn a language, especially when I spend all day telling my students to speak English not Korean. Therefore, I do not use Korean enough to master it perfectly. However, I study one to two hours every night, trying not to forget what I have learned. :)


The Onnuri Church teachers use the Seogang textbooks. My private tutor uses the Seoul National University textbooks. Both brands are good books with CD's to listen to.


I think "사과는 각각 달아요" should be an accpeted answer


沙果들은 各各 달아요.

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