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"That is not the little sheep!"

Translation:To není ta malá ovce!

January 1, 2018



"The" doesn't have a word in Czech, right? If so, I think "ta" shouldn't be mandatory here. As far as I have understood in this course, the best suitable word for "ta" would be "that" or "this". Am I right? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Can I say "To není malá ovce"? I reported it anyway.


I think your version would be "That is not A little sheep."

Since, as you say, "the" doesn't have an equivalent in Czech, demonstrative pronouns are used instead. The pronoun TEN (along with TA and TO for feminine and neuter) are usually translated as "the" or "that." But if there is no demonstrative, "a" is assumed.

But, since the English sentence in this exercise includes "the," "ta" becomes part of the Czech sentence.

Disclaimer: I am learning, too, and it IS confusing!!!


It seems unclear that the sheep are supposed to be singular, sounds like it could be both.


Right. Ever heard about the difference between that is and those are?


I'm getting things wrong here. Ovce ; ovci. which one is singular and which is plural? no matter what I answer, it seems the other one is always the right one. Help, thank you.


As a small hint for this sentence, the verb used -- není -- is singlular.


See the declension table here.


I wrote ¨není to ta malá ovce¨, which is obviously wrong. But it would be right for a question, isn`t it?


Yes. Also, I do not think it is that obviously wrong, it is quite subtle.


Why is "Není to ta malá ovce!" wrong?


That is really more like "It is not a little sheep.", that means it about something already mentioned.

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